Welcome to the Yogini Ashram
Welcome to the Yogini Ashram

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Ayyappa Giri, Founder of Yogini Ashram, Norwalk, California, invitesyou to learn and practice Babaji's Kriya Yoga, as revealed by the celebrated andever youthful Avatar -Siddha, Kriya Babaji, born in Tamil Nadu India in 203 A.D.and after centuries, continues to reside in the Himalayas, guiding many saintsand yogis behind the scenes.  In the 1960's Ayyappa had a vision of Babaji andbecame a direct disciple of Babaji following decades in training with YogiS.A.A. Ramaiah and Sri Rudranath Giri Maharaj, both disciples of Babaji.

The mystical aspirant is trained thoroughly in seven elegant andpowerful kundalini pranayam practices revealed directly from Babaji in thelinage of the ancient Yoga Siddhas.  Mantras are offered to still the mind andbring the consciousness in full union with the soul power.  For the few who seek other advanced techniquesand initiations, a teacher training course is offered.  Those who achieve mastery of either the Yogaor Tantra techniques can receive the Swara Yoga Kriyas, the highest level ofkundalini Kriya practice on the planet, which combine mystical geometry with kundalinipranayam by the phases of the moon.

Advanced classical Tantra training in the Kriya tradition utilizes anancient and powerful breathing practice revealed by Mataji as Bhairavi Kriya or Breath of Ecstasy.  Additionally, ateachers training program offers incremental training in the 64 tantric kriyasof Kaula Marg, the path of energy, sexuality and spiritual mastery.  A major key is understanding the relationship and energies between the 64 tantric kriyas and the 64 Yoginis, all forms of MahaKali.

Ayyappa Giri also maintains a blog about the Yogini Ashram, Spirituality and his adventures on the path ~ blog.KaliPath.com which will be updated regularly during his upcoming trip to India.

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