Kriya Babaji – Sat Guru of Yogini Ashram

06 Babaji

“The breath that arose 12 mantras long if you control and absorb within well may you live a thousand years of land and sea; the body, perishes not.”

Thirumandiram V722

High in the remote rocky mountains of the Kumoan Himalayas the eternal Babaji lives today, as he has for millennia, retaining his physical form only for the benefit of humanity. It has long been understood that those who descend from the celestial realm (avatars) often bring with them outward signs of their inward freedom. Thus there have been many such Avatars that cast no shadow or footprint. There are others as well who have breathed life into a corpse or instantly moved through time and space with impunity. There have been others too, who lived without food or drink, who walked upon water, or moved upon air. But few are they whose physical form, manifesting the golden light of immortality, does not decay. And few indeed are they who can move through the physical world fully active and yet with breathing stilled. Babaji reigns supreme as the great avatar of both Vedanta and Siddhantha. He is at the headwaters of all the sacred tributaries of Yoga and Tantra.



Swami Ayyappa has been a direct disciple of Kriya Babaji since 1969.