Mantras are spiritualized sounds that are used in nearly all traditions of yoga and tantra. Their purpose is to transform consciousness. Bija mantras carry the crystallized energy of the collective divine sounds. The Bija mantra works like a one-way valve, directing the mind, first toward stillness and subsequently toward God. While the yantra is the carrier or holder of Divine energy, the mantra is the essence of that energy itself. Although there are thousands of mantras and hundreds of bija combinations, the mental (Manasic) bija mantras are the most potential and powerful means of transformation.

A spiritual retreat and yogic fire ceremony is a prerequisite for empowerment with the Bija Mantras. The weekend celebration, fire ceremony and initiation is synchronized with important sacred times and held in locations where the divine vibrations can be contained. Spatial relationships on the physical plane (Vastu) are also considered.

Yogic injunctions require the teacher to perform a tremendous amount of mantra sadhana for each mantra given. Such an assignment is given directly by the Sathguru. The mantras are not given, nor should they be received, lightly.

Verbal chanting of the mantra “OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMA AUM” or the nuclear internalized silent Babaji Mula Bija Mantra, will position the aspirant to gain the direct assistance of the Himalayan Master, Babaji.

A precondition to initiation into these bija mantras is completion of training in either Kriya Kundalini Pranayam or Bhairavi Pranayam Kriya. All other conditions for receiving a manasic bija mantra can be fulfilled during the weekend retreat itself. To receive more than one mantra, additional preparation is required. Apart from the pranayam initiation identified above, the traditional conditions to become qualified (adihari) to receive the mantra are (1) observing silence during the retreat, (2) chanting around the fire (Agni Yagna) with others in turn and (3) writing Babaji Panchraksha Mantra, “Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum” 1008 times in a notebook. The initial primary mantras given are Krishna and the Root (Moola) Mantra of the Kriya Tantra Yoga Tradition.

Once both the aspirant and the initiator have been prepared by power of yogic practice (sadhana Shakti), the initiation occurs in a sacred location beginning during the early morning hours. The initiation follows the ancient tantric tradition of whispering the mantra into the left ear of the aspirant and then using sadhana Shakti of the Sathguru to seal the energy into the consciousness of the aspirant. After initiation, the bija mantra is repeated only silently, so as to retain and build the energy (Shakti).

Bija Mantras are available to seal the nine openings, open the chakras, gain control over the elements, and divinize the five bodies. Other mantras help draw the assistance of Babaji, Mataji, Kali and Ganapathi (Ganesha). Mantras particularly useful in Kaula Tantra are also options, such as the Kam Gayatri, mantras of the 64 yoginis, and mantras to transform parts of the physical body (Kama Kala) and extract the energy out of the essence of intimate contact.

“Om Hung Kaliani Swaha!”

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