Pilgrimages to India

Once every 12 years, holy men and women from throughout the Himalayas, India and the world converge at a mammoth spiritual fair (Kumbha Mela).  You are most welcome to join our Spiritual fire and camp in Haridwar.  Devotion and practice centers around Shiva and Maha Kali in the tradition of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj and his glorious Shakti, Mataji.  Learn the powerful techniques of Kriya Kaula Marg.

The ancient tradition of Kriya Tantra Yoga reminds us that the journey of self exploration is within.  At the same time it will be observed that external events can be a trigger for our inner search as well as a reflection of its depth and direction.  The ancients recommended the sacred journey or pilgrimage and identified specific epicenters of energy.   Astrologically a powerful convergence of energy and grace will occur on the 14th April, 2010 at the sacred and ancient city of Hardiwar.

On a pilgrimage, one makes a spiritual affirmation and proceeds with full faith in the guiding wisdom of the oft unseen but ever present divine hand. Join us on this pilgrimage to India as we bath in this rare energy.  Explore ashrams, temples, and caves held sacred by the ancients to be affirmed in our own time through our own experience.

Tantric Kundalini Pranayam Kriyas

You have a powerful divine force within you referred to as Kundalini Shakti.  She is perceived as the feminine energy within and can be awakened by the scientific art of mastering the breath-energy.  Learn these powerful techniques which can bring a metamorphosis into your life. Experience the bliss and light of Kriya.  Attain glorious radiance; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The body becomes charged with pranic energy enabling more dynamic blissful meditations and the conscious projection of energy for the physical, psychic, and spiritual health of yourself and others.  The training includes a powerful introduction to Bhairavi Kriya, glorified in the Kulanarva Tantra as Urdhvamnaya, from the path of sexual spirituality – Vama Marg Tantra.  Each day you will be progressively taught the techniques of trance and transformation with an opportunity to practice the kriyas in an environment of support until you can be fully familiar and internalize the process on your own.

The Journey Within and Without

Optional excursion include an exploration of the mystic Himalayan sanctuaries through and penetrate into the deep villages and caves of sadhus and holy men.  The total non-refundable pilgrimage cam fee will depend upon the number of participants.  The goal is to share costs in this powerful months of March and April. As always, all initiations and training are a sacred duty done without charge.  Join me for a spiritual adventure!

Contact us to register early.  Space is limited.

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