Kriya Yoga Quick View; A Summary of Kriya Practice

Kriya Yoga Quick View; A Summary of Kriya Practice

Kriya Yoga Quick View

The Scientific Art of Kundalini Pranayam

Kriya Yoga Quick View, a summary of the Kriya Technique
Illustration shows the primary nadis used in the Kriya Yoga technique to awaken the dormant energy of the soul.

Kriya Yoga Quick View

What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga provides a summary of the scientific art of mastering the subtle energy, and was discovered as a means of Self-realization by the Siddhas and masterfully honed for the benefit of the world by the great Mahavatar, Babaji, the immortal himalayan Siddha. The techniques combine breath and kundalini processes that awaken the dormant potential of every yogi and bring the Kriya Yogi into alignment with Babaji.  The techniques allow direct communication Babaji.

The Nadis

The initial purpose of the practice is to purify the subtle channels in order to still the mind. The Shandilyo Upanishad states that “when the nadis are purified, the prana enters the central column (shushumna) with force and the mind becomes still.”

The techniques increase the electro-magnetic energy of the central column (susumna), leading to a marked upswing in charisma, improved cardio-vascular health, and clarity of mind and intellect.


Revolving around the central staff (shushumna) of latent consciousness, the practice envelops the primary channel which generates an electro-magnetic force preparing the inner centers and subtle bodies for an expanded Self awakening. This invariably leads to the development of ones subtle senses, the expansion of ones auric field, and massively increased focus on the primary goal of life, the realization of the indwelling Self. The resultant contentment, charisma and singular focus benefit every aspect of ones life, whether familial, social, or professional.

Ida Pingala Balance

Yoga teaches that every soul contains both masculine and feminine aspects. The Kriya techniques cool off the hot masculine electrical energy and balance the largely magnetic feminine energy bringing both into equilibrium for emotional and psychological stability. The practice purifies and balances the energy between masculine (pingala nadi) and feminine channels (ida nadi). The practice leads to monumental advances in soul development and an incrementally controlled realization of Soul essence. It opens a universe of intuitive wisdom, a cosmic consciousness of oneness and bliss awareness.

Initiations and trainings are conducted by Swami Ayyappa Giri at Yogini Ashram and selected cities in India.  For a more in-depth look at Kriya, read the full article on this internet site.

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