Yoga Nidra 6 Months Online Teacher Mentorship

Yoga Nidra 6 Months Online Teacher Mentorship

Online Teacher Development with Swami Premajyoti.



Deepen your knowledge + expand your practice and clarity around this powerful and spiritual technique in connection with it’s ancient foundations.

$328.00 USD when paid in full.
(payment plans available by prior arrangement)
Pre-registration Essential  

Workshops and Group Yoga Nidras take place at pre-set times. Teaching portion is recorded for you to view if timing does not work with your schedule.
All other aspects are collaboratively times to suit your personal schedule.

Mentorship Includes:
 . Complimentary participation in 3 (2 hour) Yoga Nidra 
   Professional Development Workshops…
   – Working with Symbol
   – Crafting Stories
   – Going Deeper with the Chakras in Yoga Nidra
.  Three 1:1 online sessions with me to discuss and develop 
   any aspect of your current work within Yoga Nidra
.  A bespoke personal Yoga Nidra designed to assist you to 
   move through any barriers in your work and expand into 
   your potential as a deeply effective guide.
.  3 Online Yoga Nidra experiential sessions with Premajyoti 
   with followup group theory discussion. 
.  Access to a shared Library of Yoga Nidra Story Scrips
.  Optional written feedback on your Yoga Nidra scripts
.  Ongoing access to our supportive Yoga Nidra Guides 
   community throughout the mentorship and beyond.