Trainee Testimonials

Trainee Testimonials

What participants are saying about training with Swami Premajyoti



This course was an amazing experience. I had no ideas I would come out with so much knowledge!  It was a great mix of practical study, interesting theory and direct experience. I can already feel things shifting for me.

Premajyoti is a powerhouse of informations and I recommend her courses to anyone interested in learning about Yoga on a deep level.  The course is very well structured and interesting.  I now feel confident to deliver the practice to people.



This course was very thorough, well explained and fun.  I didn’t really understand the process before the class.  Afterwards, I had as very good understanding of the structure, and why each aspect is there.  Highly recommended!  Excellent teacher – the best yoga class I have taken.



Throughout the training, I felt more and more confident about not only teaching, but also understanding the concepts at a deeper level.  Coming out after the training, I am now totally ready and confident to deliver this experience to others.