Tony – Antar Mouna, Inner Silence Meditation Course

I just finished taking an online course on Antar Mouna with Swami Premajyoti. Great course. I liked how she organized the material in terms of a teaching/question section first and then she guided us through a meditation. After each session we practiced for a week. Then we met again
and she answered any questions that anyone had. She then added a little bit more to practice for the next week. I wasn’t able to attend the live versions of the class, but that wasn’t a problem because she made the recordings available for the week
that we practiced.

I recommend any course at yogini ashram. Both Swami Premajyoti and Swami Ayyappa are great teachers. I always learn so much from them when I take a course. And their love and enthusiasm for yoga makes their courses fun and inspiring.

Thank you!

Jacob Hoy – Kriya Kundalini Pranayam Training and Initiation

An amazingly comprehensive course. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! I feel blessed to learn this Holy Science. Big thanks to everyone at Yogini Ashram. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this magic happen.

Raj – Bhairavi Kriya Initiation & Training

Dear Swami: many thanks for the wisdom sharing. Felt home with the lectures ; alongside the kriya technique, Ayyappa Swamiji’s insights, experience and humor was inspiring and motivating.

The key messages shared perfectly resonated with my context, yearning and the next steps I was planning since our chakra yogini sadhana. 

With both yourself and Swami Ayyappa the spirit and energy of Babaji and Mataji resonated through the session schedule and as I wrapped up in the wee early hours of morning – it was like a next step to dawn. 

Bhavani – Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

The Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Swami Premajyoti was an amazing experience. I had no idea I would come out with so much knowledge! It was a great mix of practical study, interesting theory and direct experience.

I can already feel things shifting for me. Premajyoti is a powerhouse of information and I recommend this course for anyone with an interest in Yoga, general meditation and specifically Yoga Nidra.

The course was very well structured and full of inspiration, and now feel confident to deliver Yoga Nidra!

Tony – Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Highly Recommended!

The course was very thorough, well explained, and fun. I didn’t really understand the Yoga Nidra process before the class. Afterwards, I had a very good understanding of the structure of Yoga Nidra, what it is used for and why each stage of the process is there.

Premajyoti is an excellent teacher and I rate this as the best yoga class I’ve taken.

Satyadevi – Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

This course not only feeds the intellect, but challenges and expands the potential of the teacher in training. I would recommend the training to all interested, from new aspirants to seasoned Yogis.

With much love, Saytadevi