Training in Kriya Kundalini Pranayam

Training in Kriya Kundalini Pranayam

What is Kriya?

The initial purpose of Kriya is to purify the subtle channels in order to still the mind. The Shandilyo Upanishad states that “when the nadis are purified, the prana enters the central column (shushumna) with force and the mind becomes still.”

After many years of daily Kriya practice and teaching, Babaji led me successively to gurus and teachers of other lineages of Kriya as well. Initiation, training, and practice of the Kriyas of each of them have given me a deeper understanding of the principle of unity in diversity, a core theme of the great Sathguru, Babaji. These lineages included that given by Lahiri Mayasaya, as well as that of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. I discovered that, without doubt, Babaji is the source of all these Kriya paths.

Kriya Yoga Leads to Babaji Consciousness

The ancient One, Babaji, speaks from the inmost well-spring of stillness; the healing primordial sound reverberates from the depths. It whispers the mystic wisdom – that knowledge of Self, once established, can never be lost nor stolen. Its presence  is beyond the reach of culture, ideology, race, and religion. It transcends environment, sense impressions, and all mental modifications. It is the only thing that liberates us from the grinding pain of the karma of past actions. It is the bliss-filled oasis of light, that is the inevitable eternal resting place in the pilgrimage of every soul.


Kriya Yoga leads to striking charisma and increased vital energy.  It is certainly a powerfully effective practice in promoting pulmonary health.  Not withstanding, Kriya Yogis understand it to be their right royal pathway to inner bliss, samadhi, the birthright of every soul. These techniques empower the yogic practitioner to have contact with Babaji directly. 

Your Guide – Swami Ayyappa Giri 

Swami Ayyappa Giri

Swami Ayyappa is Founder-Acharya of Yogini Ashram. He is a lifetime Kriya Yogi and direct disciple of Mahaavatar Kriya Babaji.

Read more about Swami Ayyppa 

The Practices

Trainees will be initiated in these powerful secret practices that have been passed down from teacher to student for generations. These techniques were gifted to humanity directly from Mahavatar Babaji, the mystical Himalayan Sat Guru who revived and imparted Kriya Yoga in this age. 

Through a daily breath and meditation practice that cycles over 7 days, these techniques empower the yogic practitioner to enable contact with Babaji directly.

This training provides a comprehensive background of Kriya practices and enables the practitioner to independently practice these powerful techniques.

Next training dates Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March

Tuition $164.00